At The Academy, we have a bold vision for Africa. 

We imagine an Africa which is a global player, particularly in the industries of agriculture, education technology and infrastructural development.

We imagine an Africa which is harnessing the skills & potential of its citizens - on the continent, and in the Diaspora.

We imagine an Africa with fully achieved Agenda 2063 Flagship Projects; from a common African Passport, to a fully operational African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a Single Air-Transport Network and an Integrated High Speed Train Network that connects The Cape to Cairo, and Rabat to Maputo. 

We envision an Africa with multiple hubs of Agenda 2063 Academies supporting the women, and youth of their local communities to be Changemakers across the continent. 

We envision an Africa which harnesses the sustainable, and environmentally friendly practices of its local community leaders in its development. 

Lastly, we are open to showcasing what Africa has to offer the world.


We seek to spotlight Africans everywhere, as the drivers of Agenda 2063 - to create the #AfricaWeWant. 


Image by Trevor Cole